Why is customer´s feedback so important?

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We all know the phrase "information is power". For a business, that power translates into several spheres of action: to be able to generate favorable changes in your products or services, and to have full control of your business and to keep customers satisfied with our products and services. Information contributes to a higher level of quality and efficiency of your company's leadership and strengthens the bond with your clients.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty not only allow you to get the customer to buy or visit you again, but also allow you to gain your customer´s trust and, most likely, get them to recommend the product or service to other users.

If a consumer, had a good customer service, is more likely to hire you again. And in the event that the consumer had any inconvenience, having information on the situation and providing a quick solution will probably restore the consumer confidence. In order to do this, it is fundamental to know your customers ‘opinion, to follow up and to ensure his/her satisfaction and loyalty. Using feedback in a correct and wise way can bring invaluable benefits to companies, businesses and involved professionals. Consequently, the best way to achieve this is to have a business strategy that is closely related to the needs of your customers.

Business Leadership

When it comes to business leadership, the ability to analyze and solve problems is central; it is part of the most important competencies that define the role of a great leader in the company. Two main tasks of leadership positions are to identify opportunities and to solve problems that arise in the organization. This requires a great power of analysis and taking advantage of the valuable information that the external and internal customer provide for the business.A broad and, at the same time a detailed vision of a business organizes the stage for achieving established goals. This is where the value of active feedback lays as it allows a business to know its areas of improvement and to recognize future opportunities.

Let's look at some key reasons for which feedback is important:

1) Provides valuable market intelligence for analysis and planning.

2) Facilitates the opportunity to achieve customer loyalty.

3) It helps the company to strengthen and consolidate its course.

4) Creates awareness of the business´ weaknesses and strengths.

5) Allow for the possibility of making changes of on-going projects.Thanks to technological advances, there are several mechanisms to collect this valuable feedback.

Each business should analyze which mechanism fits to get better results.It is clear that for a company there is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer. However, few companies actually invest in providing consumer satisfaction. The current consumer is much more aware of his or her power, and much more demanding. It is fundamental for companies to redouble their efforts to satisfy clients, by providing added value in each of the instances in which the customer is related to its brand. The objective is to constantly monitor the user experience in relation to your products or services in order to improve the offer based on the obtained feedback.

Knowing the importance of feedback, we would like to invite you to comment on your experiences and opinions on this topic.

Posted in Quick Audits Blog on Mar 17, 2017