What is personalized marketing, also known as "inbound marketing"?


We live in a hyper-connected world, with information reaching us by all possible means and screens. I know I'm not saying anything new, but I bring it up so that we think about the value we give to that information. When that information is processed, analyzed and sent to the person who needs it, and helps solving some aspect of their life, it is like finding water in a desert. This is the basis of personalized marketing as we have the ability to show the oasis for those who are thirsty.

Know your customers

The key to building a lasting relationship with your customers is to establish a channel that allows you to get to know them, learn from them and give them a personalized experience. In fact, customer loyalty occurs when a brand forms a relationship with the buyer by having more information on their preferences.

"61% of consumers feel better about a brand when it offers them personalized content tailored to their needs. (Via Custom Content Council)” (this link is in spanish)

Currently, the best way for consumers to trust your brand is through personalized marketing. It aims to offer an accurate and tailor-made solution, meeting the needs of your audience, while communicating with them directly, almost one by one. Customization techniques are reinventing users' experiences thanks to the feedback that companies receive from their customers.

In order to deliver individualized messages and offers to your customers, the use of certain technologies that help obtain better information of current and potential customers is essential. These technologies collect, classify and analyze data for companies to have insight of interesting characteristics of their consumers in order to offer each one of them the content and the services most appropriate to their interests.

Converting this data into a specific action is key if your company wants to provide an extraordinary customer experience. This is an important point because consumers are looking for experiences, beyond a product or service. They value the quality of the time they spend interacting with your company, whether through your service, your communication, your ability to hear their needs and give them solutions. All that added value will be building a unique experience for your client.

Technology in our favor

A few years ago, clients completed paper forms, which then had to be turned into a spreadsheet or some other tool. It was a cumbersome process, both for the client and for the company, and prone to human error. Now you have the possibility of having extraordinary tools that facilitate and accelerate the creation of customer satisfaction surveys and continuous improvement systems.

The transformation that was evidenced in the process of data collection, analysis and monitoring, thanks to the incorporation of technology and software SaaS (Software as a Service), allows you to generate personalized marketing actions increasingly efficient and at a lower cost.

Think, for example, now clients give you their opinions or recommendations on the web or apps through a mobile phone or a tablet. This action, today, is done seamingless by consumers and helps us, business-owners, to understand the opinion of our customers. So why not customize the content your customer will receive or the service that will be offered the next time they visit your business?

Posted in Quick Audits Blog on Mar 27, 2017