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Today we launched the Quick Audits blog. From now on we will share a lot of interesting information that we are sure will provide many benefits for your businesses. The purpose of this blog is not only to create a place to provide information about what is trending in the sector, but also to encourage a conversation that promotes the growth of our entire community. We hope the blog becomes a place of exchange and value creation that will contribute to enhancing the efficiency of your businesses while creating the often-sought competitive advantage. In that context, we would like to hear your opinion of what are the pressing issues you would like us to write about in order to develop efficient solutions for you and your clients. This is our motivation and the reason we created Quick Audits: we believe on the importance and value of customer feedback.

About us?

Our company was born from years of experience of working in the consumer business sector in a range of companies in Latin America, where we noticed the importance of having a fast and efficient data collection and analysis processes, particularly when it came to measuring customer satisfaction and quality management control. We are a technology company founded by two partners: Abel Rebaudo, a manager with recognized trajectory in call centers; and José Padilla, a programming expert. Together, they decided to create a friendly technological solution that adapts to the data collection needs of each business and its users.

What are we going to talk about?

We believe that technology is key for achieving business competitiveness. Technology completely transformed the possibilities of both independent businesses as well as business sectors. However, we understand that getting on the technology train poses a series of challenges and, at the same time, provides great opportunities for creating value. It allows for the improvement of your management processes while working on the continuous improvement of your services.

For this reason, we promote the introduction of technology as a way to optimize your business efficiency by strengthening both, the relationship within employees in an organization, as well as the relationship between your business and your customer by anticipating their needs and fulfilling their expectations. The most important part of the puzzle is that in order to achieve this, it is necessary to have good and timely data. In this blog site, we will be sharing related issues such as: Customer loyalty, resource optimization, entrepreneurship, business efficiency, customer feedback, audits, service improvements, new technologies, business and operational processes improvement.

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To finish, we leave you with an interview that the magazine "Call Center News" made to our founder Abel Rebaudo (the article is in spanish):

We hope you find the site interesting and visit us often to share ideas. See you next time!

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Posted in Quick Audits Blog on Feb 27, 2017