How to achieve greater productivity in your Contact Center?

As companies evolve, the processes of data mining or data management become increasingly more complicated. The need for valuable information to evaluate management efficiently and in real time is vital for companies in order to adapt quickly and optimize performance.

Contact Centers, in particular, have a structure that needs constant monitoring and team management that allows them to give immediate responses. With this in mind, the Quick Audits team developed a tool to coordinate and integrate different channels and users in quality control audits, saving time and costs in infrastructure, allowing access to the results in real time. This is why we have a plan designed specifically for Contact Centers, which give the company a very important competitive advantage in the market, making it easier for all (teams, leaders, managers) to be connected, informed and work together to achieve the business goals.

How will your Quick Audits service improve your experience?

Our function is to keep all members of the organization informed and do it in the fastest and most efficient way. As a result you can achieve the following:

• Decrease drastically the learning curve of each agent. Our tool helps the management of continuous improvement, reducing by 30% the learning curve, which is always obstructed by rotation.

• Increase the monitoring capacity given the agility of the tool. All forms that are completed immediately feed all dashboards and standard reports.

• Reduce direct and indirect labor costs.

• Reduce the likelihood of fraud in telemarketing campaigns and consumer advocacy complaints.

• Have a centralized and updated view of the performance of all teams, shifts, supervisors and agents.

• Improve AHT, FCR and RPA in customer service campaigns.

• Create custom evaluation forms for each campaign for multi-user audits and access the data in real time.• Agents can access their evaluation forms independently.

• The dashboards and reports transform the data into information, which can be accessed by users according to their roles.

• Forms can be completed from a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

• There are no installation and maintenance costs because our solution is hosted on servers of one of the most prestigious providers of cloud computing in the United States.

Although our technology speeds up the evaluation process, allowing you to make more audits with fewer staff, the true added value arises from the possibilities for access and processing of the information that our dashboards and reports provide.

Advantages of boards and reports:

• They continuously calculate the results of each campaign, area of ​​performance and how the campaigns affect the overall result.

• Calculate the result each campaign needs in the future to achieve a monthly goal.

• Allow access to data of each campaign depending on the role and responsibilities of each employee.

• Partially automate the work of coaching and re-training.

• They allow employees to access critical information anytime of the day (they can access their information from their mobile phone)

The strength of your company comes from your team and its capacity to meet the needs of your customers. It is worth exploring a change, isn´t it?

If you believe Quick Audits can boost your business, you can access a FREE account for 30 days and see how it works. You will be surprised how simple it is to use. Contact us!

Posted in Quick Audits Blog on Apr 19, 2017