Posted Quick Audits Blog on Mar 02, 2018

    Nowadays, growing disruptive trends are leaving a much smaller window for organizations to identify growth opportunities, respond and adapt quickly. These trends are forcing us to rethink and identify new approaches to walk the path towards data-driven decision-making. Today, there are more tools than a few years ago to obtain and gather valuable information. Not just any information, but data that can direct a business in making the right decisions as to how to generate value for customers.

  • Keys to Increase Participation in Satisfaction Surveys

    Posted Quick Audits Blog on Jul 13, 2017

    Satisfaction surveys are one of the most important tools to find out exactly what customers think and, thus, evaluate the performance of the business. They are also useful in identifying opportunities for improvement, which are otherwise unknown to the company before using the tool. Nonetheless, in order to get the most accurate results, there must be a high degree of respondent participation.

  • Promoting a culture of innovation

    Posted Quick Audits Blog on Jun 15, 2017

    Any company looking at long-term growth will need to make several significant changes over its life cycle. Taking into account the workings of the world, in which the business environment is increasingly changing, constant innovation must be part of the culture in any business.