• 6 ways to improve your business with the help of effective surveys.

    Posted Quick Audits Blog on Apr 06, 2017

    The objective, beyond deepening the profiles and behaviors of the clients, is, concretely, to analyze their experience as a consumer and, from there, identify the adequate marketing strategies and product development needs that will increase their satisfaction.

  • What is personalized marketing, also known as "inbound marketing"?

    Posted Quick Audits Blog on Mar 27, 2017

    Currently, the best way for consumers to trust your brand is through personalized marketing. It aims to offer an accurate and tailor-made solution, meeting the needs of your audience, while communicating with them directly, almost one by one. Customization techniques are reinventing users' experiences thanks to the feedback that companies receive from their customers.

  • Why is customer´s feedback so important?

    Posted Quick Audits Blog on Mar 17, 2017

    We all know the phrase "information is power". For a business, that power translates into several spheres of action: to be able to generate favorable changes in your products or services, to have full control of your business and to keep customers satisfied with our products and services. Information contributes to a higher level of quality and efficiency of your company's leadership and strengthens the bond with your clients.